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This page contains links to policies, procedures, reports, and pricing information for Mount Angel Seminary. If you have questions or require information not found here, please email us at or call 503.845.3951.

Catalog for Mount Angel Seminary

The Catalog includes information on:

  • Academic programs, facilities, and faculty
  • Accreditation
  • Financial Aid
  • Copyright policy
  • Cost of attendance
  • Student Disability accommodation
  • Refund Policy, Withdrawal, Return of Title IV aid
  • Transfer of Credit Policy

College Navigator – National Center for Education Statistics

Academic Calendar

Net Price Calculator

Textbook List

Cohort Default Rate
FY2018 FY2017 FY2016
Default Rate ** ** **
No. in Default ** ** **
No. in Repay ** ** **

** Cohort Default Rate (CDR) data is not displayed when “No. in Repay” (number of borrowers entering repayment in cohort) includes 10 or fewer borrowers.

The cohort default rate for Mount Angel Seminary is not published by the Department of Education because the number of borrowers is too small. See here for more information.

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